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Malosma laurina - Artemisia californica Shrubland |
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Name: Malosma laurina - Artemisia californica Shrubland
Description: This shrubland association occurs on gentle to steep northeast- and northwest-facing slopes at low elevations between 2 and 611 m. It is characterized by a dominance of <i>Malosma laurina</i> and a subdominance of <i>Artemisia californica</i>, and in many cases <i>Salvia leucophylla</i>, in the shrub layer and typically a minor presence of the grass <i>Leymus condensatus</i> in the herbaceous layer. The emergent tree layer is usually absent. 
Accession Code: VB.CC.37460.CEGL003697
Plot-observations of this Community Concept: 58
      Party Perspective according to: NatureServe (organization)
Perspective from: 17-Nov-2014 to: 01-May-2019
  • status: accepted
  • This Community's Level: association
  • This Community's Children: [none]
Names:   Translated: Laurel Sumac - Coastal Sagebrush Shrubland
  Scientific: Malosma laurina - Artemisia californica Shrubland
  Code: CEGL003697
  UID: ELEMENT_GLOBAL.2.790147 NatureServe ExplorerNatureServe Explorer logo