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DB Table Name stratumMethod
Table Stratum Method
Notes This table links a set of strata to a sampling protocol . This table, when combined a set of linked stratum occurrences, defines the strata used by a plot observer.
Field DB Field Name Req'd? Data Type Misc Flag List? Definition
ID STRATUMMETHOD_ID no serial PK no Database generated identifier assigned to each unique stratum methodology.
Reference reference_ID no Integer FK no Link to a publication defining the stratum method.
Stratum Method Name stratumMethodName required varchar (30) n/a no Name of the stratum method (e.g., Braun-Blanquet, TNC-ABI, NC Vegetation Survey #1, NC Vegetation Survey #2, etc.)
Stratum Method Description stratumMethodDescription no text n/a no This field describes the general methods used for strata. For example, this field should distinguish as to whether strata are defined as including all foliage on plants that predominantly occupy the stratum regardless of the height of that foliage, or only the foliage that actually occurs within a specified vertical slice of the community.
Stratum Assignment stratumAssignment no varchar (50) n/a closed The way that an individual's cover is assigned to the different stratum. Some methodologies allow an individul to span multiple strata and have stratumCover values in each stratum. Other methodologies require that all cover from an individual be assigned to the upper-most stratum. Further information about the specifics of stratum Methodologies that deviate from the standard practice of the stratumMethod referened in the field stratumMethod_ID should be described in methodNarrative.
Accession Code accessionCode no varchar (100) n/a no Code that uniquely references this record, allowing reference to this record for this version of this database. Better than a primary key, which is automatically generated by a database and not globally unique. VegBank Accession codes are only generated by VegBank, and therefore data integrity can be guaranteed, unlike with a primary key (number).