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DB Table Name observationContributor
Table Observation Contributor
Notes This table stores information about which parties contributed to specific plot observation events.
Description This table serves as an intersection that links a party with a specific plot observation event. Note that there is no plotContributor table because all contributions take place at a particular observation, such as the first observation.
Field DB Field Name Req'd? Data Type Misc Flag List? Definition
ID OBSERVATIONCONTRIBUTOR_ID no serial PK no Database generated identifier assigned to each unique contribution to an observation event.
Observation OBSERVATION_ID required Integer FK no Foreign key pointing to a given plot observation event to which the contribution was made.
Party PARTY_ID required Integer FK no Foreign key pointing to the specific party that made the contribution.
Role ROLE_ID required Integer FK no Foreign key that identifies the role that the party had in the plot observation (e.g., PI, contact, research advisor, field assistant, taxonomist, owner, guide, etc.).
Contribution Date contributionDate no Date n/a no The date of the specific contribution, which will generally be within the time span of the plot observation event defined by the obsStartDate and obsStopDate