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DB Table Name Table Notes Description Fields (Columns)
party Party Party contributing to collection or interpretation of a plot; may be either an individual or an organization.   PARTY_IDID  salutationSalutation  givenNameGiven Name  middleNameMiddle Name  surNameSurname  organizationNameOrganization Name  currentName_IDCurrent Name  contactInstructionsContact Instructions  accessionCodeAccession Code  partyTypeParty Type  
partyMember Party Member Allows parties to contain other parties within them, so that the children parties can have permissions of the parent parties. not implemented partyMember_IDParty Member ID  parentParty_IDMain Party  childParty_IDSub-Party  role_IDRole  memberStartMember Start  memberStopMember Stop  
place Place This table is the intersection between the plot table and the namedPlace table and is used for querying for plots located in a named place or named region in which a plot or group of plots is located.   PLOTPLACE_IDID  PLOT_IDPlot  calculatedCalculated?  NAMEDPLACE_IDPlace Name  
plot Plot This table stores general, constant information about the a given plot plot contains Plot location, dimension, and similarly constant site data, plus metadata that need be stored only once. Transient observational information (procured during the first or subsequent observation events) are stored separately in observation or its children. PLOT_IDID  authorPlotCodeAuthor Plot Code  reference_IDReference  PARENT_IDParent  realLatitudeReal Latitude  realLongitudeReal Longitude  locationAccuracyLocation Accuracy  confidentialityStatusConfidentiality Status  confidentialityReasonConfidentiality Reason  latitudeLatitude  longitudeLongitude  authorEAuthor E  authorNAuthor N  authorZoneAuthor Zone  authorDatumAuthor Datum  authorLocationAuthor Location  locationNarrativeLocation Narrative  plotRationaleNarrativePlot Rationale Narrative  azimuthAzimuth  dsgpolyDSG Polygon  shapeShape  areaArea  standSizeStand Size  placementMethodPlacement Method  permanencePermanence  layoutNarrativeLayout Narrative  elevationElevation  elevationAccuracyElevation Accuracy  elevationRangeElevation Range  slopeAspectSlope Aspect  minSlopeAspectMin Slope Aspect  maxSlopeAspectMax Slope Aspect  slopeGradientSlope Gradient  minSlopeGradientMin Slope Gradient  maxSlopeGradientMax Slope Gradient  topoPositionTopographic Position  landformLandform  surficialDepositsSurficial Deposits  rockTypeRock Type  accessionCodeAccession Code  notesPublicNotes Public  notesMgtNotes Mgt  revisionsRevisions  
project Project This table stores information about a project established to collect vegetation plot data. Each plot originates as part of a project. A project can contain from one to many plots. PROJECT_IDID  projectNameProject Name  projectDescriptionProject Description  startDateStart Date  stopDateStop Date  accessionCodeAccession Code  
projectContributor Project Contributor This table stores information about a party contributing to a project. This table serves as an intersection entity used to 'link' a party with a specific project wherein vegetation plots are described. PROJECTCONTRIBUTOR_IDID  PROJECT_IDProject  PARTY_IDParty  ROLE_IDRole  
classContributor Classification Contributor This table stores information about who participated in a classification event This table serves as an intersection entity used to link a party with a specific plot classification event. CLASSCONTRIBUTOR_IDID  COMMCLASS_IDCommunity Classification  PARTY_IDParty  ROLE_IDRole  
commClass Community Classification This table stores general information about classification events where one or more community concepts were applied to a specific Observation by one or more parties.   COMMCLASS_IDID  OBSERVATION_IDObservation  classStartDateClassification Start Date  classStopDateClassification Stop Date  inspectionInspection  tableAnalysisTable Analysis  multivariateAnalysisMultivariate Analysis  expertSystemExpert System  classPublication_IDClassification Publication  classNotesClassification Notes  accessionCodeAccession Code  
commInterpretation Community Interpretation This table tracks the assignment of specific community concepts to plot observations   COMMINTERPRETATION_IDID  COMMCLASS_IDCommunity Classification  COMMCONCEPT_IDCommunity Concept  classFitClass Fit  classConfidenceClass Confidence  commAuthority_IDCommunity Authority Reference  notesNotes  typeTypal  nomenclaturalTypeNomenclatural Type  
coverIndex Cover Index This table stores the definitions of each coverclass unit associated with each coverclass method.   COVERINDEX_IDID  COVERMETHOD_IDCover Method  coverCodeCover Code  upperLimitUpper Limit  lowerLimitLower Limit  coverPercentCover Percent  indexDescriptionIndex Description  

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records 21 through 30 of 55