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Please Note: To store and work with datasets, you'll need a VegBank Account, which is free. If you need only temporary access to a single dataset, you can use the datacart as an anonymous user, but some functions (such as dealing with multiple datasets simultaneously) will not be possible.

View your datacart, which is the "active" dataset that you can add items to as you navigate through VegBank's menus and views.

View/Edit all your datasets. | Deleted Datasets
You can activate any of these datasets to become your datacart. Additionally, you can rename or change the dataset description, or delete datasets you don't wish to keep any longer. Once you delete a dataset, it will be stored in VegBank for 30 days so that you can undelete it if you choose to. Soon, you'll be able to merge datasets, too.

Dataset Functions

Map Datasets. This maps the plots in one or more datasets onto a geographical map, using external mapping websites.

Constancy Table. VegBank can provide a report of all plants occuring in one or more datasets, with the number of plots each plant occurs in (for each dataset), as well as the average cover when present.

Find plots with plants in a dataset. The Plot Search allows you to find plots that match a plant name, such as "Acer rubrum." For more specific searches that match exact plant concepts, you can add plant concepts to your datacart. Then you can search for plots in the datacart, or another dataset here.

Find plots with communities in a dataset. Similar to the above search, you can add particular community concepts to your datacart, then from here, you can search for plots that have been interpreted as any of those communities.