VegBank Known Bugs
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VegBank Known Bugs

As with any website that attempts to provide dynamic content and advanced features, some things are bound to fail on certain browsers, or for certain conditions. We strive to make everything work according to web standards, and generally this results in good functioning on all browsers. This is not always the case though. For recommended configuration and requirements, please see Our Requirements Page.

minor bugs mean slight imperfection in display, but functions correctly.
Moderate bugs mean some malfunctioning, but still quite usable.
MAJOR bugs mean does not function.

  • minor Windows, Internet Explorer: in the tutorial, the content of the main page spills over into the scroll bar if the page is too narrow. Browser bug.
  • Moderate All platforms/browsers: searching for data using non-ASCII characters (e.g. å,à,é,ñ,ü) doesn't get you the matching data. Solution: use wildcards for these characters (e.g. search for "Hult%n" instead of "Hultén").
  • Moderate Sorting in some views uses some JavaScript which fails in some browsers on some platforms, specifically: Mac, Internet Explorer sorting not possible. Windows, Opera tables get really wide after sorting. Solution: use the default sort order, or download the data and sort in your own program, or use a different browser that sorts properly.
  • MAJOR: Windows, Opera datacart adding doesn't work. Solution: unknown, but we are trying to find one.
  • MAJOR: Users that have registered with an email address with UPPER CASE letters cannot reset their password if they forget it. Workaround: contact us with: help (at) vegbank (dot) org and we can update your email address to all lowercase letters, and you can reset your password.