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Platanus occidentalis - Betula nigra - Salix (caroliniana, nigra) Floodplain Forest | NatureServe Biotics 2019
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Name: Platanus occidentalis - Betula nigra - Salix (caroliniana, nigra) Floodplain Forest
Reference: NatureServe Biotics 2019
Description: This early-successional woodland community of coarse-textured (cobbly / bouldery) to fine-textured (silty or muddy) depositional bars and islands occurs along rivers and large streams in the High Allegheny Plateau, Central Appalachians, and Lower New England ecoregions. It is subject to relatively frequent and powerful flooding and ice-scouring and has a highly variable physiognomy. It is dominated by stunted, usually battered and flood-trained trees (varying from &lt;5 to &gt;10 m tall) of <i>Platanus occidentalis</i> and <i>Betula nigra</i>. <i>Salix caroliniana</i> and <i>Salix nigra</i> are dominant or codominant in a minority of stands. Other floodplain trees, particularly <i>Acer saccharinum </i>and <i>Fraxinus pennsylvanica</i>, may occur as minor associates. Shrub associates include <i>Cornus amomum, Salix sericea, Alnus serrulata</i>, and sometimes <i>Cephalanthus occidentalis</i> or <i>Physocarpus opulifolius</i>. The herbaceous layer ranges from sparse to moderately dense. Characteristic herbs include <i>Apocynum cannabinum, Polygonum virginianum, Polygonum hydropiper, Polygonum pensylvanicum, Polygonum hydropiperoides, Polygonum sagittatum, Polygonum pensylvanicum, Eupatorium serotinum, Asclepias incarnata, Pilea pumila, Hypericum</i> spp., <i>Bidens</i> spp., <i>Phalaris arundinacea, Dichanthelium clandestinum, Leersia virginica, Panicum virgatum</i>, and <i>Justicia americana</i>. Vines such as <i>Vitis riparia</i> and <i>Toxicodendron radicans</i> are often found throughout this association. Exotics such as <i>Lythrum salicaria, Microstegium vimineum, Polygonum cuspidatum, Securigera varia</i>, and <i>Rosa multiflora</i> are frequent invaders. 
Accession Code: urn:lsid:vegbank.org:commConcept:32754-{74B404FF-6BBB-439F-9949-A8584062E3E7}
Plot-observations of this Community Concept: 59
      Party Perspective according to: NatureServe (organization)
Perspective from: 04-Oct-2006 to: ongoing
      Names:   UID: ELEMENT_GLOBAL.2.687668 NatureServe ExplorerNatureServe Explorer logo
  Code: CEGL003896
  Translated: American Sycamore - River Birch - (Coastal Plain Willow, Black Willow) Floodplain Forest
  Common: Piedmont-Central Appalachian Sycamore - River Birch Floodplain Forest
  Scientific: Platanus occidentalis - Betula nigra - Salix (caroliniana, nigra) Floodplain Forest
(convergence) and Synonyms:
(similar) CEGL003896
(similar) Platanus occidentalis - Betula nigra - Salix (caroliniana, nigra) Woodland
(similar) Betula nigra - Salix interior Shrubland