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Betula alleghaniensis - Aesculus flava Forest Alliance | NatureServe Biotics 2019
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Name: Betula alleghaniensis - Aesculus flava Forest Alliance
Reference: NatureServe Biotics 2019
Description: This alliance includes montane forests, mainly of the Southern and Central Appalachians, dominated by <i>Fagus grandifolia, Betula alleghaniensis</i>, and <i>Aesculus flava</i>, occurring in combination or with strong dominance by one of these species. Other species that may form a typically minor canopy component include <i>Acer saccharum, Betula lenta, Halesia tetraptera var. monticola, Picea rubens, Prunus serotina var. serotina, Quercus rubra</i>, and <i>Tilia americana var. heterophylla</i>. Subcanopy species can include small stems of canopy species as well as <i>Acer spicatum, Acer pensylvanicum, Amelanchier laevis</i>, and <i>Sorbus americana</i>. Shrub density varies among associations, ranging from very high to entirely lacking. Common species in the shrub and sapling strata include <i>Acer pensylvanicum, Acer spicatum, Amelanchier arborea var. austromontana, Aristolochia macrophylla, Cornus alternifolia, Crataegus punctata, Hydrangea arborescens, Ilex montana, Rhododendron maximum, Ribes cynosbati, Ribes rotundifolium, Ribes glandulosum, Rubus allegheniensis, Rubus canadensis, Vaccinium erythrocarpum</i>, and <i>Viburnum lantanoides</i>. The composition of herbaceous strata varies among associations. Variability in the herbaceous stratum may be related to aspect, elevation, and soil-nutrient status. These forests occur in a cool, humid climate, typically at high elevations (1066-1828 m [3500-6000 feet]) on a variety of sites, from upper concave slopes and steep, periglacial boulderfields and talus slopes, to flat ridgetops and saddles between ridges. Associations will vary with elevation, latitude, and geology and occur as small to large patches surrounded by other forest types, montane grasslands, or shrublands. 
Accession Code: urn:lsid:vegbank.org:commConcept:38040-{FA1F9A13-34C5-471E-BF26-73ADA916E541}
Plot-observations of this Community Concept: 0
      Party Perspective according to: NatureServe (organization)
Perspective from: 20-Dec-2018 to: ongoing
      Names:   UID: ELEMENT_GLOBAL.2.842026 NatureServe ExplorerNatureServe Explorer logo
  Code: A0266
  Translated: Yellow Birch - Yellow Buckeye Forest Alliance
  Common: Central & Southern Appalachian Buckeye - Northern Hardwood Forest
  Scientific: Betula alleghaniensis - Aesculus flava Forest Alliance