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Betula papyrifera / Corylus cornuta Forest | NatureServe Biotics 2019
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Name: Betula papyrifera / Corylus cornuta Forest
Reference: NatureServe Biotics 2019
Description: This paper birch / beaked hazelnut forest type is found in the northwestern Great Plains and Black Hills of the United States. Stands occur on nearly level ground to steep north-facing slopes with silt loam soil. This community has a predominantly closed canopy dominated by <i>Betula papyrifera</i>. Other trees that may contribute significantly to the canopy are <i>Quercus macrocarpa, Populus tremuloides</i>, and, in the Bear Lodge Mountains, <i>Pinus ponderosa</i>. <i>Fraxinus pennsylvanica</i> may be present, especially as small trees or saplings. There is a tall-shrub layer that usually reaches 2 m or more. The most abundant shrub is <i>Corylus cornuta</i>. Other species found in this layer are <i>Amelanchier alnifolia</i> and <i>Prunus virginiana</i>. There is a low-shrub layer that consists of <i>Symphoricarpos</i> spp., <i>Spiraea betulifolia, Shepherdia argentea</i>, and <i>Ribes</i> spp. Common herbaceous species include <i>Actaea rubra, Maianthemum canadense, Carex</i> spp., <i>Aralia nudicaulis, Apocynum androsaemifolium</i>, and <i>Schizachne purpurascens</i>. 
Accession Code: urn:lsid:vegbank.org:commConcept:30988-{8805BB34-16C7-46DD-9CDC-322BE985EDDB}
Plot-observations of this Community Concept: 2
      Party Perspective according to: NatureServe (organization)
Perspective from: 12-Dec-1995 to: ongoing
      Names:   UID: ELEMENT_GLOBAL.2.689778 NatureServe ExplorerNatureServe Explorer logo
  Code: CEGL002079
  Translated: Paper Birch / Beaked Hazelnut Forest
  Common: Paper Birch / Hazelnut Forest
  Scientific: Betula papyrifera / Corylus cornuta Forest
(convergence) and Synonyms:
(similar) Betula papyrifera / Corylus cornuta Forest
(similar) CEGL002079
(similar) Betula papyrifera / Corylus cornuta Forest