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Table (DB Name)plot
Field Surficial Deposits
DB Field Name surficialDeposits
Req'd? no
Data Type varchar (90)
Misc Flag n/a
References n/a
List? closed
Notes n/a
Definition Surficial deposits represent the parent material that are the geologic or organic precursors to the soil. They may either have been deposited by geologic (wind, ice, gravity or water) or biologic (organic) activity, or formed in place more-or-less directly from rocks and minerals below.
closed List of Values:
Value Description Sorting
Aeolian Deposits: Aeolian sand flats and cover sands   10
Aeolian Deposits: Dunes   20
Aeolian Deposits: Loess deposits   30
Aeolian Deposits: Volcanic Ash   40
Alluvial Deposits: Alluvial Fan   50
Alluvial Deposits: Deltas   60
Alluvial Deposits: Floodplain   70
Chemical Deposits: Evaporites and Precipitates   80
Glacial Deposits: Bedrock and till   90
Glacial Deposits: Deltaic deposits   100
Glacial Deposits: Glaciofluvial   110
Glacial Deposits: Glaciolacustrine   120
Glacial Deposits: Glaciomarine   130
Glacial Deposits: Moraine   140
Glacial Deposits: Till   150
Glacial Deposits: Undifferentiated glacial deposit   160
Lacustrine Deposits: Coarse sediments   170
Lacustrine Deposits: Fine-grained sediments   180
Lacustrine Deposits: Unconsolidated Sediments   190
Marine Deposits: Coarse sediments   200
Marine Deposits: Fine-grained sediments   210
Marine Deposits: Unconsolidated Sediments   220
Organic Deposits: Muck   230
Organic Deposits: Peat   240
Residual Material: Bedrock   260
Residual Material: Deeply Weathered Rock   270
Residual Material: Disintegrated Rock   280
Slope and Modified Deposits: Colluvial   290
Slope and Modified Deposits: Solifluction, landslide   300
Slope and Modified Deposits: Talus and scree slopes   310
Variable   320
Other   330