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VegBank Data Dictionary: Field Details

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Table (DB Name)taxonObservation
TableTaxon Observation
Field Taxon Inference Area
DB Field Name taxonInferenceArea
Req'd? no
Data Type Float
Misc Flag n/a
References n/a
List? no
Notes The area used to infer the presence of the taxon, if not the same as observation.taxonInferenceArea.
Definition This is the area in m2 used to infer the presence of a given taxon. Generally this should be equal to observation.taxonInferenceArea, but at times this area may be larger or smaller for a specific taxon. RESERVED VALUE: -1 is used to indicate that no known plot boundaries were used when recording this species on the plot. That is, this species may occur outside the plot area as indicated in the plot and observation tables.