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Table (DB Name)plot
Field Topographic Position
DB Field Name topoPosition
Req'd? no
Data Type varchar (90)
Misc Flag n/a
References n/a
List? closed
Notes n/a
Definition Position of the plot on land surface (e.g., Summit, shoulder, upper slope, middle slope, lower slope, toeslope, no slope, channel bed, dune swale, pond).
closed List of Values:
Value Description Sorting
Interfluve (crest, summit, ridge): linear top of ridge, hill, or mountain; the elevated area between two fluves (drainageways) that sheds water to the drainageways. 1
High slope (shoulder slope, upper slope, convex creep slope): geomorphic component that forms the uppermost inclined surface at the top of a slope. Comprises the transition zone from backslope to summit. Surface is dominantly convex in profile and erosional in origin. 2
High level (mesa, high flat): level top of plateau 3
Midslope (transportational midslope, middle slope): intermediate slope position 4
Backslope (dipslope): subset of midslopes which are steep, linear, and may include cliff segments (fall faces). 5
Step in slope (ledge, terracette): nearly level shelf interrupting a steep slope, rock wall, or cliff face. 6
Lowslope (lower slope, foot slope, colluvial footslope): inner gently inclined surface at the base of a slope. Surface profile is generally concave and a transition between midslope or backslope, and toe slope. 7
Toeslope (alluvial toeslope): outermost gently inclined surface at base of a slope. In profile, commonly gentle and linear and characterized by alluvial deposition. 8
Low level (terrace, low flat): valley floor or shoreline representing the former position of an alluvial plain, lake, or shore. 9
Channel wall (bank): sloping side of a channel. 10
Channel bed (narrow valley bottom, gully arroyo): bed of single or braided watercourse commonly barren of vegetation and formed of modern alluvium. 11
Basin floor (depression): nearly level to gently sloping, bottom surface of a basin. 12