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Table (DB Name)taxonInterpretation
TableTaxon Interpretation
Field Group Type
DB Field Name groupType
Req'd? no
Data Type varchar (20)
Misc Flag n/a
References n/a
List? closed
Notes n/a
Definition The type of group formed for this taxonInterpretation_ID.
closed List of Values:
Value Description Sorting
one of One of several plant concepts is interpreted to be the TaxonObservation in question. For example, this is either species A OR species B. Plants observed were one or the other, but not both, but which species cannot be determined. 1
union Several plant concepts are grouped to describe this taxon. For example, taxonObservation applies to the union of both species A and species B. Plants observed were from both species. 2
unknown It is not specified how the plant concepts are grouped. Not recommended value. 3