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Table (DB Name)namedPlaceCorrelation
TableNamed Place Correlation
Field Place Convergence
DB Field Name placeConvergence
Req'd? required
Data Type varchar (20)
Misc Flag n/a
References n/a
List? closed
Notes n/a
Definition This is the descriptive attribute that is used to relate the congruence between two places, Parent [convergence value] child (generally greater than).
closed List of Values:
Value Description Sorting
equal The two places are exactly the same. 1
greater than The parent place fully contains the child place, and also includes additional space. 2
less than The parent place is fully included in the child place, but the child place contains additional space. 3
not equal The two places are not exactly the same. This leaves the possibilities that the parent place is greater than, less than, overlapping, similar, or disjunct relative to the child place. 4
overlapping The two places contain at least some common area, and each place also contains at least some area that the other does not contain. Neither place is fully contained in the other. 5
similar The two places contain at least some common area. 6
disjunct The two places in question contain no common area. 7
undetermined Although some correlation is likely, the correlation has not been determined. 8