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DB Table Name note
Table Note
Notes This table is where notations associated with table records are stored
Description All notes associated with plots and plot observations are stored in this table. These notes can be linked to any table, record and attribute via the noteLink table.
Field DB Field Name Req'd? Data Type Misc Flag List? Definition
ID NOTE_ID no serial PK no Database generated identifier assigned to each unique note.
Note Link NOTELINK_ID required Integer FK no Link to the noteLink table via which a note is associated with a table, record and attribute.
Party PARTY_ID required Integer FK no Link to the party table to identify the party that contributed the note.
Role ROLE_ID required Integer FK no What role was the party playing when the note was applied?
Note Date noteDate no Date n/a no The date on which the note was stored in the database.
Note Type noteType required varchar (20) n/a closed The type of note: Database Management, Observation Author, Database User and Internal. "Database Management" notes are those added by the management team and may be queried and viewed by the public. "Database Use" notes are those entered by the users of the database and are publicly viewable. "Internal" notes are for management to use internally and will not be broadcast.
Note Text noteText required text n/a no The text of the note.
Accession Code accessionCode no varchar (100) n/a no Code that uniquely references this record, allowing reference to this record for this version of this database. Better than a primary key, which is automatically generated by a database and not globally unique. VegBank Accession codes are only generated by VegBank, and therefore data integrity can be guaranteed, unlike with a primary key (number).