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DB Table Name project
Table Project
Notes This table stores information about a project established to collect vegetation plot data.
Description Each plot originates as part of a project. A project can contain from one to many plots.
Field DB Field Name Req'd? Data Type Misc Flag List? Definition
ID PROJECT_ID no serial PK no Database generated identifier assigned to each unique project.
Project Name projectName required varchar (150) n/a no Project name as defined by the principal investigator.
Project Description projectDescription no text n/a no Short description of the project including the original purpose for conducting the project. This can be viewed as the project abstract plus supporting metadata.
Start Date startDate no Date n/a no Project start date.
Stop Date stopDate no Date n/a no Project stop date.
Accession Code accessionCode no varchar (100) n/a no Code that uniquely references this record, allowing reference to this record for this version of this database. Better than a primary key, which is automatically generated by a database and not globally unique. VegBank Accession codes are only generated by VegBank, and therefore data integrity can be guaranteed, unlike with a primary key (number).