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DB Table Name referenceContributor
Table Reference Contributor
Notes This table links reference parties with references and shows how a contribution was made by the party.
Field DB Field Name Req'd? Data Type Misc Flag List? Definition
ID referenceContributor_ID required serial PK no Primary key for the referenceContributor table.
Reference reference_ID required Integer FK no Foreign key into the reference table to indicate which reference is referenced by this alternate identifier.
Reference Party referenceParty_ID required Integer FK no Foreign key into the referenceParty table to indicate which person contributed.
Role Type roleType no varchar (250) n/a closed Use this field to describe the role the party played with respect to the resource. Some potential roles include technician, reviewer, principal investigator, and many others.
Position position no Integer n/a no Numerical order in which this contributor's name should be in the order of contributors, if applicable. Examples: 1 [for the first author], 2, [for the second author], etc.