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DB Table Name commStatus
Table Community Status
Notes This table store the status of a community concept as perceived by a party at a time.
Field DB Field Name Req'd? Data Type Misc Flag List? Definition
ID COMMSTATUS_ID no serial PK no Database assigned value to each unique record in the commStatus table.
Community Concept COMMCONCEPT_ID required Integer FK no Foreign key to identify the concept to which a party assigns a status
Reference reference_ID no Integer FK no Link to a reference where the status was reported
Community Concept Status commConceptStatus required varchar (20) n/a closed Status of the concept by the party (accepted, not accepted, undetermined)
Community Parent commParent_ID no Integer FK no The commParent is a recursive key to the concept of the parent level in the classification hierarchy. For example, if this concept were at the association level, the parentClass would be a concept that is the parent alliance type.
Community Level commLevel no varchar (80) n/a closed The commLevel attribute specifies a level in the taxonomic hierarchy to which a class belongs. Field commLevel is an open list with the possible values defined by the classification system employed. If the party responsible for the record in the commStatus table is using the U.S. National Vegetation Classification, the acceptable levels are defined in the Vegetation Classification Standard of the Federal Geographic Data Committee as adopted June 1997. The standard is available at http://biology.usgs.gov/fgdc.veg/standards/vegstd.htm and the allowable entries for each of the physiognomic levels are listed in the appendix (see http://www.fgdc.gov/standards/documents/standards/vegetation/tables19-41.pdf). If the Braun-Blanquet classification system is employed, the acceptable values are defined in the International Code of Phytosociological Nomenclature (Weber, H.E., Moravec, J. Theurillat, J.-P. 2000. Journal of Vegetation Science. 11: 739-769).
Start Date startDate required Date n/a no This is the date for which the status assignment by the party started.
Stop Date stopDate no Date n/a no This is the date for which the status assignment by the party ended.
Community Party Comments commPartyComments no text n/a no Comments by party providing rationale for status assignment
Party PARTY_ID required Integer FK no Foreign key that identifies the party that made the status assignment
Accession Code accessionCode no varchar (100) n/a no Code that uniquely references this record, allowing reference to this record for this version of this database. Better than a primary key, which is automatically generated by a database and not globally unique. VegBank Accession codes are only generated by VegBank, and therefore data integrity can be guaranteed, unlike with a primary key (number).