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DB Table Name stratumType
Table Stratum Type
Notes This table stores collective information about strata defined within a plot observation.
Description This table is used to record non-species-specific information about a stratum. Examples include total cover of the stratum and maximum height of the stratum.
Field DB Field Name Req'd? Data Type Misc Flag List? Definition
ID STRATUMTYPE_ID no serial PK no Database assigned value for a unique existence of a stratum within a plot observation.
Stratum Method STRATUMMETHOD_ID required Integer FK no This attribute will link to the stratum to the stratum methodology used.
Stratum Index stratumIndex no varchar (10) n/a no Short code used to identify the stratum
Stratum Name stratumName no varchar (30) n/a no Name associated with this stratum by the stratumMethod
Stratum Description stratumDescription no text n/a no This field describes the specific stratum. For example, a value of "F" under stratumIndex might have a stratumName = "Floating" and a stratumDescription = "foliage floating on or near the surface of water"