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DB Table Name taxonInterpretation
Table Taxon Interpretation
Notes This table allows all users, including the author and/or subsequent interpreters, to attach taxon names and authorities to a specific taxon observation
Field DB Field Name Req'd? Data Type Misc Flag List? Definition
ID TAXONINTERPRETATION_ID no serial PK no Database generated identifier assigned to each unique interpretation of a taxon.
Taxon Observation TAXONOBSERVATION_ID required Integer FK no Link to a particular taxon observation.
Stem Location stemLocation_ID no Integer FK no StemLocation record of a particular stem that is to be interpreted by this taxonInterpretation record.
Plant Concept PLANTCONCEPT_ID required Integer FK no Link to a taxon in the plantConcept table. The entry in the plantConcept table will in turn point to a reference and a name used in the reference, thereby defining the taxon concept. The name that should be applied to the plantConcept will be party specific and will be found in the plantUsage table. For other than legacy data, the first interpretation recorded for a taxon observation should be redundant with the information contained in taxonObservation.PLANTNAME_ID + PLANTREFERENCE_ID.
Interpretation Date interpretationDate required Date n/a no The date that the interpretation was made.
Plant Name PLANTNAME_ID no Integer FK no Foreign key into the plantName (in the plantTaxa database) table to identify the name applied by the interpreter to the plantConcept. This field is not needed except in cases where there is a publication associated with the interpretation.
Party PARTY_ID required Integer FK no Foreign key that identifies the party that made the interpretation, which could be the observation author.
Role ROLE_ID required Integer FK no Foreign key that identifies the role of the party making the interpretation (e.g., plot author, publication author, database manager, automated, plot contributor).
Interpretation Type interpretationType no varchar (30) n/a closed Categories for the interpretation (e.g., author, computer generated, simplified for comparative analysis, correction, finer resolution).
Reference reference_ID no Integer FK no Foreign key into reference table, which identifies a publication in which the interpretation was formally made, or in which the plot was used in a formal analysis.
Original Interpretation originalInterpretation required Boolean n/a no This interpretation corresponds to the original interpretation of the plot author, as best as can be determined. There is no requirement that the authority match the authority of the author; only that the concepts are synonymous.
Current Interpretation currentInterpretation required Boolean n/a no This interpretation is the most accurate and precise interpretation currently available.
Taxon Fit taxonFit no varchar (50) n/a closed Indicates the degree of fit with the plant concept being assigned. Values derive from Gopal, S., and Woodcock, C. (1994), Theory and methods for accuracy assessment of thematic maps using fuzzy sets. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 60(2):181-188.
Taxon Confidence taxonConfidence no varchar (50) n/a closed Indicates the degree of confidence of the interpreter(s) in the interpretation made. This can reflect the level of familiarity with the classification or the sufficiency of information about the plot (e.g., High, Moderate, Low).
Collector collector_ID no Integer FK no Party who collected the voucher which was used to make this taxonInterpretation.
Collection Number collectionNumber no varchar (100) n/a no The Collector's identification code for the voucher.
Collection Date collectionDate no Date n/a no Date on which the voucher was collected.
Museum museum_ID no Integer FK no Link to the Party which is the museum which archives the voucher.
Museum Accession Number museumAccessionNumber no varchar (100) n/a no Museum Code which identifies the voucher.
Group Type groupType no varchar (20) n/a closed The type of group formed for this taxonInterpretation_ID.
Notes notes no text n/a no These are notes that the interpreter has included with the interpretation (generally, the reason for the interpretation).
Notes Public notesPublic no Boolean n/a no TRUE indicates that public notes pertaining to this plot exist in "vegPlot.note"
Notes Mgt notesMgt no Boolean n/a no TRUE indicates that nonpublic management notes pertaining to this plot exist in "vegPlot.note"
Revisions revisions no Boolean n/a no TRUE indicates that revisions exist in vegPlot.Revision
Accession Code accessionCode no varchar (100) n/a no Code that uniquely references this record, allowing reference to this record for this version of this database. Better than a primary key, which is automatically generated by a database and not globally unique. VegBank Accession codes are only generated by VegBank, and therefore data integrity can be guaranteed, unlike with a primary key (number).