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DB Table Name stemCount
Table Stem Count
Notes This table is intended to store information about the abundance of tree stems of a specific size.
Field DB Field Name Req'd? Data Type Misc Flag List? Definition
ID STEMCOUNT_ID no serial PK no Database generated identifier assigned to each unique stem tally.
Taxon Importance TAXONIMPORTANCE_ID required Integer FK no Foreign key into the taxonImportance table, thereby associating a taxon identification with the tree stem(s).
DBH stemDiameter no Float n/a no The diameter of the stem in centimeters. When diameter classes are used, the stemDiameter is the midpoint between the low end and high end for the diameter class; the offset between this and the endpoints is stored in the stemDiameterAccuracy attribute.
DBH err stemDiameterAccuracy no Float n/a no The accuracy of the stem diameter measurements in centimeters. This represents the distance between the diameter class midpoint and endpoint.
Ht. stemHeight no Float n/a no The measured height of the stem in meters. When height classes are used, the stemHeight is the midpoint between the low end and high end for the height class; the offset between this and the endpoint is stored in the stemHeightAccuracy field.
Ht. Err stemHeightAccuracy no Float n/a no The accuracy of the measured height of a stem, being the offset between the midpoint of the class and the endpoint, in meters.
# stemCount required Integer n/a no The number of stems of a single species that have these specific stem diameter and height data in common.
Stem Taxon Area stemTaxonArea no Float n/a no This is the area in m2 used to infer the presence of the stem(s) referenced in this record. Overrides similar area field in taxonObservation, taxonImportance, and/or observation. RESERVED VALUE: -1 is used to indicate no known boundaries were used while collecting this stem size.