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DB Table Name address
Table Address
Notes This table contains the postal address, email address and/or organizational affiliation for a parties at the time of a plot event.
Field DB Field Name Req'd? Data Type Misc Flag List? Definition
ID ADDRESS_ID no serial PK no Database generated identifier assigned to each unique party address (note that a single party may have multiple addresses but that only one may be 'current').
Party party_ID required Integer FK no Link to the party to which this address applies
Organization organization_ID no Integer FK no Link to an organization with which a party is affiliated
Organization Position orgPosition no varchar (50) n/a no Position of party within organization.
Email email no varchar (100) n/a no email address
Delivery Point deliveryPoint no varchar (200) n/a no Address line for the location (Street name, box number, suite).
City city no varchar (50) n/a no City of the location.
Administrative Area administrativeArea no varchar (50) n/a no State, province of the location.
Postal Code postalCode no varchar (10) n/a no Zip code or other postal code.
Country country no varchar (50) n/a no Country of the physical address.
Address is Current? currentFlag no Boolean n/a no This flag signifies whether the address is the current address of the party.
Address Start Date addressStartDate no Date n/a no The first database date on which the address/organization information applied (have a discrete date on which address is known to applied - not necessarily the first date on which the address applied).