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DB Table Name Table Notes Description Fields (Columns)
coverMethod Cover Method This table associates a cover scale recognized by the plot data collectors with a set of coverclasses specified in the coverIndex table. This table, together with the coverIndex table, defines a coverclass method.   COVERMETHOD_IDID  reference_IDReference  coverTypeCover Type  coverEstimationMethodCover Estimation Method  accessionCodeAccession Code  
definedValue Defined Value This table stores the values of user-defined variables. This table stores values associated with specific user-defined variables identified in the userDefined table. DEFINEDVALUE_IDID  USERDEFINED_IDUser Defined  tableRecord_IDTable Record  definedValueDefined Value  
disturbanceObs Disturbance Observation This table stores plot observation information pertaining to observer estimation of the disturbance history of the plot. disturbanceObs is a child of observation; a plot might experience many types of disturbance unique to different observation events. disturbanceObs_IDID  OBSERVATION_IDObservation  disturbanceTypeDisturbance Type  disturbanceIntensityDisturbance Intensity  disturbanceAgeDisturbance Age  disturbanceExtentDisturbance Extent  disturbanceCommentDisturbance Comment  
graphic Graphic This table stores information about graphical files related to vegetation plot observations Graphical files can include, among other formats: gif, jpeg, and tif file formats. Because many graphical files, especially remote sensing digital photographs, may be too large to be stored within the database, a graphicLocation may be given as an alternative. Current Business rules cap graphic size at 5M per plot. Graphics of modest size should be included rather than referenced by external address. GRAPHIC_IDID  OBSERVATION_IDObservation  graphicNameGraphic Name  graphicLocationGraphic Location  graphicDescriptionGraphic Description  graphicTypeGraphic Type  graphicDateGraphic Date  graphicDataGraphic Data  accessionCodeAccession Code  
namedPlace Named Place This tables stores information about the various 'named places' that a plot may have been located within. Such places could include geographic regions, study sites, ownership units, managed units, any placename in the USGS glossary (http://www-nmd.usgs.gov/www/gnis/), or equivalent glossary.   NAMEDPLACE_IDID  placeSystemPlace System  placeNamePlace Name  placeDescriptionPlace Description  placeCodePlace Code  ownerOwner  reference_IDReference  accessionCodeAccession Code  
namedPlaceCorrelation Named Place Correlation Stores information about how different named places related to one another.   NAMEDPLACECORRELATION_ID  PARENTPLACE_IDParent Place  CHILDPLACE_IDChild Place  placeConvergencePlace Convergence  
commStatus Community Status This table store the status of a community concept as perceived by a party at a time.   COMMSTATUS_IDID  COMMCONCEPT_IDCommunity Concept  reference_IDReference  commConceptStatusCommunity Concept Status  commParent_IDCommunity Parent  commLevelCommunity Level  startDateStart Date  stopDateStop Date  commPartyCommentsCommunity Party Comments  PARTY_IDParty  accessionCodeAccession Code  
commUsage Community Usage This table links a community name with a concept.   COMMUSAGE_IDID  COMMNAME_IDCommunity Name  usageStartUsage Start  usageStopUsage Stop  commNameStatusCommunity Name Status  classSystemClass System  COMMSTATUS_IDComm Status  
plantConcept Plant Concept This table store the concepts that are linked to plant names through the plantUsage table.   PLANTCONCEPT_IDID  PLANTNAME_IDPlant Name  reference_IDReference  plantDescriptionPlant Description  accessionCodeAccession Code  
plantCorrelation Plant Correlation This table correlates multiple plant concepts as they change through time.   PLANTCORRELATION_IDID  PLANTSTATUS_IDPlant Status  PLANTCONCEPT_IDPlant Concept  plantConvergencePlant Convergence  correlationStartCorrelation Start  correlationStopCorrelation Stop  

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records 31 through 40 of 55