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Plot ID Fields: 
Author Plot Code ? CMDL_HC2
Author Observation Code ? CMDL_HC2
Location Fields: MAP: Google | Yahoo | TopoZone | MapQuest
Location Accuracy ? 1 m
Confidentiality Status ? exact location
Latitude ? 71.32143 º
Longitude ? -156.60497 º
Author Location ? Atqasuk Flux Tower
Country ? United States
Named Places
Geographic Name: National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska
area|country|territory: United States
Layout Fields: 
Shape ? Square
Area ? 1
Permanence ? not permanent
Environment Fields: 
Soil Moisture Regime ? Dry
Organic Depth ? 7 cm
Percent Bedrock ? 0 %
Percent Litter ? 10 %
Percent Bare Soil ? 10 %
Percent Water ? 0 %
Methods Fields: 
Observation Start Date ? 31-Jul-2014
Observation End Date ? 31-Jul-2014
Date Accuracy ? Exact
Project ? Flux Tower Zona_Scott Davidson (Davidson et al. 2016)
Cover Method ? Percentage (%)
Stratum Method ? No Strata
Method Narrative ? Relevé. Not a repeat sample.
Plot Quality Fields: 
Floristic Quality ? High
Bryophyte Quality ? Moderate and incomplete
Lichen Quality ? Moderate and incomplete
Overall Plot Vegetation Fields: 
Shrub Height ? 10 m
Field Height ? 0 m
Nonvascular Height ? 1 m
Tree Cover ? 0 %
Shrub Cover ? 3 %
Field Cover ? 8 %
Nonvascular Cover ? 24 %
Misc Fields: 
Observation Narrative ? Polygonal-high center. Entered by L. Druckenmiller and A. Breen into Turboveg March 2017.
Taxa occurring on this plot-observation
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Stratum Definitions:
Sorry, no Stratum Definitions found.
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Observation Contributors:
Party ?Role ?
Davidson, Scott PI
Community Classification:
No communties have been assigned to this plot.

Soil Observations:
Soil Horizon ?Soil Depth Top ?Soil Depth Bottom ?Soil Color ?Soil Organic ?Soil Texture ?Soil Sand ?Soil Silt ?Soil Clay ?Soil Coarse ?Soil PH ?Exchange Capacity ?Base Saturation ?Soil Description ?
unknown                   5      

Disturbance Data:
Disturbance Type ?Disturbance Intensity ?Disturbance Comment ?
Human, general none Natural Vegetation

User Defined Values
No User Defined Data for this plot