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Plant Concept Detail

Polygonum newberryi Small [USDA Plants 2002]
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Name: Polygonum newberryi Small
Reference: USDA Plants 2002
Accession Code: VB.PC.46525.POLYGONUMNEWBER
Plot-observations with this plant Concept: 208
      Party Perspective according to: USDA-NRCS-PLANTS (organization)
Perspective from: 20-Aug-2002 to: 24-Aug-2011
  • Status: not accepted
  • This Plant's Level: Species
  • This Plant's Children: [none]
Names: Code: PONE5 USDA PLANTS ProfileUSDA PLANTS logo
Scientific without authors: Polygonum newberryi
Scientific: Polygonum newberryi Small
(convergence) and Synonyms:
(undetermined) Polygonum davisiae Brewer ex Gray