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Project: Ocala National Forest
Project Name ? Ocala National Forest
Project Description ? Ocala National Forest. Sampling work conducted between 1998 and 2002 supported the application of the United States National Vegetation Classification (USNVC) standard to Region 8 Forests. This resulted in a basic list of vegetation units (alliances and community associations) for the National Forests in this region. The vegetation classification produced through this agreement, and the NatureServe Ecological Systems Classification which is based on it, form the foundation for continuing use of the USNVC on U.S. Forest Service lands in Region 8 for natural resource planning and management. Reports on the US National Vegetation Classification for various National Forests or groups of forests are found at http://www.natureserve.org/publications/library.jsp#techrpts
Start Date ? 01-Jan-1998
Stop Date ? 31-Dec-2002
Accession Code ? VB.pj.9430.OCALANATIONALFO
Plots in this Project 63
Classified Plots 63
Locations of Plots Florida (63)
Project Contributors: