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Project: Pinnacles National Monument
Project Name ? Pinnacles National Monument
Project Description ? Vegetation Classification of Pinnacles National Monument. Vegetation surveys are within a study area of 18,200 hectares that includes the Park, a quarter-mile buffer, and several additional parcels of interest adjacent to the Park.
Start Date ? 07-Mar-2003
Stop Date ? 30-Jun-2009
Accession Code ? urn:lsid:vegtwig.vegbank.org:project:1649-{E7389F85-7357-436D-9E26-73356B481019}
Plots in this Project 590
Classified Plots 578
Locations of Plots California (590)
Project Contributors:
Party ?Role ?
Kittel, Gwen Author
Evens, Julie Author
Buck-Diaz, Jennifer Author