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Project: SAMO (CNPS Rapid Assessment/Releve 2002)
Project Name ? SAMO (CNPS Rapid Assessment/Releve 2002)
Project Description ? The Santa Monica Mountains were surveyed and classified between 2002 and 2006. The approach to sampling was gradient-directed. In 2004 a full analysis of 3790 rapid assessments and accuracy assessments and 122 releves was performed.
Start Date ? 01-Jul-2002
Stop Date ? 31-Dec-2014
Accession Code ? urn:lsid:vegtwig.vegbank.org:project:2037-{8178994A-EB9E-4CE1-898A-96E672A922EA}
Plots in this Project 2941
Classified Plots 2680
Locations of Plots California (2941)
Project Contributors:
Party ?Role ?
Evens, Julie Author
Keeler-Wolf, Todd Author