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Project: San Dieguito River Park region
Project Name ? San Dieguito River Park region
Project Description ? A vegetation classification of the San Dieguito River Park and the San Felipe Wildlife Area. Data was collected in both areas and was classified together. The San Dieguito River Park occurs in San Diego County, California, and extends 55 miles from San Dieguito Lagoon at Del Mar to its headwaters in the Peninsular Range at Volcan Mountain.
Start Date ? 01-Jun-2001
Stop Date ? 01-Aug-2008
Accession Code ? urn:lsid:vegtwig.vegbank.org:project:4970-{E56E250C-402A-473A-BA44-C2DF1B184C90}
Plots in this Project 607
Classified Plots 597
Locations of Plots California (607)
Project Contributors:
Party ?Role ?
Evens, Julie Co-PI
Hickson, Diana Co-PI
Klein, Anne Field assistant