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Carolina Vegetation Survey
Stratum Method Name ? Carolina Vegetation Survey
Reference ? CVS Protocol
Stratum Method Description ? Stratum heights are constructed to reflect the vegetation of the plot. Foliage is then determined to belong to a stratum based only on height of the foliage, not the individual. Lifeform is not considered. An individual's foliage may be broken into different strata.
Count of Observations using this method 2639
Stratum Types:
Stratum Index ?Stratum Name ?Stratum Description ?
E Emergent Foliage generally greater than 35m high
H Herb Foliage generally less than 0.5m high
S Shrub Foliage generally 0.5-6m high
C Canopy Foliage generally 15-35m high
U Understory Foliage generally 6-15m high
mod module No vertical splitting of a plot, but rather a horizontal portion of a plot, generally a 10m x 10m square, though sometimes 5m x 20m
H Herb Foliage generally less than 0.5m high
A Aquatic submerged  
F Floating  
O Other  
T Tree