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CNPS/CDFW v.2010
Stratum Method Name ? CNPS/CDFW v.2010
Stratum Method Description ? Total % foliar cover for non-vascular plants and lichens, vascular plants, conifers, hardwoods, regenerating tree (tree seedlings and saplings), shrub and herbaceous
Stratum Assignment ? predominant stratum
Accession Code ? VB.sm.2057.CNPSCDFWV2010
Count of Observations using this method 1340
Stratum Types:
Stratum Index ?Stratum Name ?Stratum Description ?
0 conifer  
1 hardwood  
2 regenerating tree tree seedlings and saplings
Herb Herb An annual or perennial non-woody plant
Non-vasc Non-vascular plant lichen or moss or cryptogammic crust
Sapling sapling a tree 1 to 6 inches dbh, or less but not young
seedling tree seedling A tree species clearly of a very young age that is less than 1” dbh
shrub shrub A perennial, woody plant that is multi-branched
tree tree includes conifers and hardwoods, single trunked woody plant
under-tree under-tree Small tree or large shrub