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National Park Service
Stratum Method Name ? National Park Service
Reference ? NPS Methodology
Stratum Method Description ? Strata are defined based on both lifeform and height. An individual's foliage belongs to one stratum only, as determined by the individual's height.
Count of Observations using this method 27488
Stratum Types:
Stratum Index ?Stratum Name ?Stratum Description ?
T1 Emergent  
T2 Canopy  
T3 Sub-Canopy  
S1 Tall Shrub  
S2 Short Shrub  
S3 Dwarf Shrub  
H Herbaceous  
N Nonvascular  
V Vine/Liana  
E Epiphyte  
Unkn Unknown stratum  
S Shrub  
T Tree  
mod module No vertical splitting of a plot, but rather a horizontal portion of a plot, generally a 10m x 10m square, though sometimes 5m x 20m
TC Total-Calculated  
H Herbaceous  
A3 submerged aquatic Submergent aquatic. may include submerged seedlings of typical emergent and floating-leaved aquatic plants.
A2 floating-leaved aquatic Floating-leaved aquatic. Detached floating plants are treated as detritus (unvegetated surface/litter and duff layer).
A1 emergent aquatic Emergent aquatic. Does not include trees, shrubs and vines. may include typical submergent and floating-leaved aquatic with uppermost leaves emergent due to drawdown (e.g., Nuphar spp.).