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NY Natural Heritage Program
Stratum Method Name ? NY Natural Heritage Program
Reference ? NYNHP Field Form Instructions
Stratum Method Description ? The height of each stratum is estimated as the average maximum height of each member in that stratum. Foliage is determined to belong to a stratum based on the height of the individual; an individual's foliage belongs to one stratum. Individuals that may, later in life, belong to taller strata may at the time of the plot be attributed to shorter strata based on their height (e.g. tree seedlings would occur in the short shrub layer).
Stratum Assignment ? predominant stratum
Count of Observations using this method 265
Stratum Types:
Stratum Index ?Stratum Name ?Stratum Description ?
U unvegetated Unvegetated
A1 emergent aquatic Emergent aquatic. Does not include trees, shrubs and vines. may include typical submergent and floating-leaved aquatic with uppermost leaves emergent due to drawdown (e.g., Nuphar spp.).
A2 floating-leaved aquatic Floating-leaved aquatic. Detached floating plants are treated as detritus (unvegetated surface/litter and duff layer).
A3 submerged aquatic Submergent aquatic. may include submerged seedlings of typical emergent and floating-leaved aquatic plants.
E epiphyte Epiphyte. may include herbaceous epiphytes, aquatic non-vascular epiphytes (e.g. algae) and saprophytes on standing dead or leaning dead plants.
H herbaceous Herbaceous. Does not include epiphytic, aquatic and viney herbs.
N non-vascular plants Non-vascular plants. rooted on substrate. may include lichens and fungi. Does not include epiphytic and aquatic non-vascular plants. Detached non-vascular plants can be treated as detritus/wrack (unvegetated surface/litter and duff layer).
S1 tall shrub Tall shrub (2-5 m) may include tree saplings.
S2 short shrub Short shrub (<2 m) may include tree seedlings saplings.
T1 emergent tree Emergent tree (>5 m).
T2 tree canopy Tree canopy (>5 m) may include shrubs >5 m.
T3 tree sub-canopy Tree sub-canopy (>5 m) may include shrubs >5 m.
V vine/liana Vine/liana.