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VA-Heritage Strata
Stratum Method Name ? VA-Heritage Strata
Stratum Method Description ? Cover of woody species ONLY recorded for six predefined vertical strata, plus single stratum for all herbaceous species. An individual plant may belong to only one stratum.
Stratum Assignment ? dominant stratum
Accession Code ? VB.SM.1410.VAHERITAGESTRAT
Count of Observations using this method 310
Stratum Types:
Stratum Index ?Stratum Name ?Stratum Description ?
H Herb all herbaceous species
S shrub shrubs from 0.5-6 m
T10 tree 10m trees from 10-20 m tall
T20 tree 20m trees from 20-35m tall
T35 tree 35m trees > 35m tall
T6 tree 6m trees from 6-10m tall
WS woody seedlings woody seedlings from 0-0.5 m in height