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Taxon:Polygonum arifolium L.
Observation ? A1 - Crosswicks Cr SW of Sewag
Author Plant Name ? Polygonum arifolium L.
Reference ? USDA Plants 2002
Accession Code ? urn:lsid:vegbank.org/vegbranch:taxonObservation:4153-{BE5A6488-E5F6-403D-BB73-30A00D1B9428}
Interpretations of this Taxon:
Plant Concept ?: Polygonum arifolium L.
Interpretation Date ?: 04-Nov-2005
Party ?: Walz, Kathleen
Interpretation Type ?: Author
Original Interpretation ?: yes
Current Interpretation ?: yes
Taxon Fit ?:
Taxon Confidence ?:
Group Type ?:
ACTION: Interpret This Plant
Taxon Importance Values:
Stratum ?Cover ?Original Cover Code ?Basal Area ?Biomass ?Inference Area ? Stems:Stem Diameters (graphically):
30 %