Interpretation ERD
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Interpretation and taxon occurrence relationships.

1. An observation can be interpreted during one or more classification events as belonging to one or more particular types of vegetation. A vegetation type corresponds to a "community concept" in the community taxonomy module. Because vegetation can change, there is no necessary relationship between the interpretations at different observation events for a plot.

2. Each plant taxon observed in an observation event is interpreted by at least one party as belonging to a particular plant concept in the plant taxonomy module. Taxa can be assigned various interpretations at various times by various parties.

3. A taxon observed during an observation event might be observed to occur in one or more strata. Various importance values may be associated with a particular stratum, or with the taxon disregarding strata.

4. One or more woody stems of a taxon might be recorded by size as occurring during an observation event.

5. A party contributes by interpreting a taxon as belonging to a taxon concept or an observation as representing to a community concept. In each case a party might contribute in various ways defined by rolecode.

6. Some interpretations are reported in literature which can be cited.