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CNPS/CDFW RA v. 2005
Stratum Method Name ? CNPS/CDFW RA v. 2005
Reference ? Delta Report 2007
Stratum Method Description ? Record an average height value for overstory conifer tree, overstory hardwood tree, understory tree or tall shrub, other shrubs, and herbaceous strata
Accession Code ? VB.sm.2051.CNPSCDFWRAV2005
Count of Observations using this method 2006
Stratum Types:
Stratum Index ?Stratum Name ?Stratum Description ?
tallshrub tall shrub or understory tree  
L low stratum height stratum, less than 0.5 m high
M medium stratum height stratum, 0.5 to 5 m high
T tall stratum height stratum, over 5 m tall
shortshrub short shrub  
0 conifer tree, conifer
1 hardwood tree, hardwood