VegBranch and NPS-PLOTS
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VegBranch and NPS-PLOTS

The NPS-PLOTS database is a Microsoft Access Database which is available and described more here. There are two versions which are currently in use. Version 1.1 is an Access 97 format database described above. The more recent version 2.0 is also available.

VegBranch supports connections to NPS-PLOTS in several ways. First, you can Enter Data in NPS-PLOTS 2.0 format from forms. Then, you can export the data to a separate NPS-PLOTS database, in the event that you or your grant needs the data in that format. Then, the data can be easily migrated into VegBranch and from there into VegBank. This method of entering data is easier than other methods, because data translation and checking is accomplished as you enter data.

VegBranch also supports import from the NPS-PLOTS 1.1 format. You can connect to the NPS-PLOTS database and bring the data into VegBranch format. Then, you can start the normal migration process in VegBranch.

We also provide a NPS-PLOTS Version Converted. This is a standalone MS Access Database that copies the data in an NPS-PLOTS database, then adds, removes, or renames fields to conform to the new format.