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DB Table Name Table Notes Description Fields (Columns)
plantLineage Plant Lineage This table stores tracks the lineage of plant taxon concepts.   PLANTLINEAGE_IDID  childPlantStatus_IDChild Plant Status  parentPlantStatus_IDParent Plant Status  
plantName Plant Name This table stores plant names   PLANTNAME_IDID  plantNamePlant Name  reference_IDReference  dateEnteredDate Entered  
plantStatus Plant Status This table store the status of a community concept as perceived by a party at a time.   PLANTSTATUS_IDID  PLANTCONCEPT_IDPlant Concept  reference_IDReference  plantConceptStatusPlant Concept Status  startDateStart Date  stopDateStop Date  plantPartyCommentsPlant Party Comments  plantParent_IDPlant Parent  plantLevelPlant Level  PARTY_IDParty  accessionCodeAccession Code  
plantUsage Plant Usage This table links a plant name with a concept.   PLANTUSAGE_IDID  PLANTNAME_IDPlant Name  usageStartUsage Start  usageStopUsage Stop  plantNameStatusPlant Name Status  classSystemClass System  PLANTSTATUS_IDPlant Status  
address Address This table contains the postal address, email address and/or organizational affiliation for a parties at the time of a plot event.   ADDRESS_IDID  party_IDParty  organization_IDOrganization  orgPositionOrganization Position  emailEmail  deliveryPointDelivery Point  cityCity  administrativeAreaAdministrative Area  postalCodePostal Code  countryCountry  currentFlagAddress is Current?  addressStartDateAddress Start Date  
aux_Role Role This table stores valid role codes for use in contributor tables   ROLE_IDID  roleCodeRole Code  roleDescriptionRole Description  accessionCodeAccession Code  
reference Reference This table stores information about references cited within the database   reference_IDID  shortNameShort Name  fulltextFull Text  referenceTypeReference Type  titleTitle  titleSuperiorTitle Superior  pubDatePublication Date  accessDateAccess Date  conferenceDateConference Date  referenceJournal_IDReference Journal  volumeVolume  issueIssue  pageRangePage Range  totalPagesTotal Pages  publisherPublisher  publicationPlacePublication Place  isbnISBN  editionEdition  numberOfVolumesNumber Of Volumes  chapterNumberChapter Number  reportNumberReport Number  communicationTypeCommunication Type  degreeDegree  urlURL  doiDOI  additionalInfoAdditional Information  accessionCodeAccession Code  
referenceAltIdent Reference Alternate Identifier This table stores information about identifiers that can be used to indicate a particular reference.   referenceAltIdent_IDID  reference_IDReference  systemSystem  identifierIdentifier  
referenceContributor Reference Contributor This table links reference parties with references and shows how a contribution was made by the party.   referenceContributor_IDID  reference_IDReference  referenceParty_IDReference Party  roleTypeRole Type  positionPosition  
referenceParty Reference Party This table stores information about parties that contributed to a reference.   referenceParty_IDID  typeReference Party Type  positionNamePosition Name  salutationSalutation  givenNameGiven Name  surnameSurname  suffixSuffix  organizationNameOrganization Name  currentParty_IDCurrent Name  accessionCodeAccession Code  

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records 41 through 50 of 55