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DB Table Name Table Notes Description Fields (Columns)
taxonObservation Taxon Observation This table contains the author's determination of a taxon and the overall cover of that taxon. This table stores information about the original identification by the author of the plot and the taxonomic authority used by that author (i.e. a name - citation pair constituting a taxonomic concept). The table also contains a record of cumulative cover (cover across all strata) of the taxon when not divided into strata. TAXONOBSERVATION_IDID  OBSERVATION_IDObservation  authorPlantNameAuthor Plant Name  reference_IDReference  taxonInferenceAreaTaxon Inference Area  accessionCodeAccession Code  
taxonAlt Taxon Alt This table shows alternate taxa that are to be grouped for a taxonInterpretation. When this table is used, the taxonInterpretation that is referenced here is interpreting the taxonObservation as the combination of all plantConcepts referenced in this table with the same taxonInterpretation_ID. TaxonInterpretation.groupType shows what type of group this is (one of, union, unknown). taxonAlt_IDID  taxonInterpretation_IDTaxon Interpretation  plantConcept_IDPlant Concept  taxonAltFitTaxon Fit  taxonAltConfidenceTaxon Confidence  taxonAltNotesTaxon Alt Notes  
telephone Telephone Telephone numbers for the various individuals and organizations in the party table.   TELEPHONE_IDID  PARTY_IDParty  phoneNumberPhone Number  phoneTypePhone Type  
userDefined User Defined This table contains the definitions of user-defined variables. The table structure stems from desire to keep the user-defined variables separate from the main body of the database. This table contains the definitions of user-defined variables. The table structure stems from desire to keep the user-defined variables separate from the main body of the database. USERDEFINED_IDID  userDefinedNameUser Defined Name  userDefinedMetadataUser Defined Metadata  userDefinedCategoryUser Defined Category  userDefinedTypeUser Defined Type  tableNameTable Name  accessionCodeAccession Code  
embargo Embargo on Plot Embargo of plot data.   embargo_IDEmbargo ID  plot_IDPlot ID  embargoReasonEmbargo Reason  embargoStartEmbargo Start  embargoStopEmbargo Stop  defaultStatusDefault Status  
revision Revision This table constitutes a log of changes in data deposited in the database. This table was designed to store as a single, stand-alone table information about attributes in any of the database tables. REVISION_IDID  tableNameTable Name  tableAttributeTable Attribute  tableRecordTable Record  revisionDateRevision Date  previousValueTextPrevious Value Text  previousValueTypePrevious Value Type  previousRevision_IDPrevious Revision  
soilObs Soil Observation This table stores observation on soil horizons made during the plot observation event. soilObs is child of observation in recognition of the fact that the horizons observed vary among plot observation events as a results of real change plus changes in investigators, methods and circumstances. SOILOBS_IDID  OBSERVATION_IDObservation  soilHorizonSoil Horizon  soilDepthTopSoil Depth Top  soilDepthBottomSoil Depth Bottom  soilColorSoil Color  soilOrganicSoil Organic  soilTextureSoil Texture  soilSandSoil Sand  soilSiltSoil Silt  soilClaySoil Clay  soilCoarseSoil Coarse  soilPHSoil PH  exchangeCapacityExchange Capacity  baseSaturationBase Saturation  soilDescriptionSoil Description  
soilTaxon Soil Taxon This table stores the valid soilTaxon records that may be used to describe the soil of a plot.   SOILTAXON_IDID  soilCodeSoil Code  soilNameSoil Name  soilLevelSoil Level  SOILPARENT_IDSoil Parent  soilFrameworkSoil Framework  accessionCodeAccession Code  
stemCount Stem Count This table is intended to store information about the abundance of tree stems of a specific size.   STEMCOUNT_IDID  TAXONIMPORTANCE_IDTaxon Importance  stemDiameterDBH  stemDiameterAccuracyDBH err  stemHeightHt.  stemHeightAccuracyHt. Err  stemCount#  stemTaxonAreaStem Taxon Area  
stemLocation Stem Location This table is intended to store location information about individual tree stems.   STEMLOCATION_IDID  STEMCOUNT_IDStem Count  stemCodeStem Code  stemXPositionStem X Position  stemYPositionStem Y Position  stemHealthStem Health  

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records 1 through 10 of 55