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DB Table Name Table Notes Description Fields (Columns)
stratum Stratum Definition This table stores collective information about strata defined within a plot observation. This table is used to record non-species-specific information about a stratum. Examples include total cover of the stratum and maximum height of the stratum. STRATUM_IDID  OBSERVATION_IDObservation  STRATUMTYPE_IDStratum Type  stratumHeightStratum Height  stratumBaseStratum Base  stratumCoverStratum Cover  
stratumMethod Stratum Method This table links a set of strata to a sampling protocol . This table, when combined a set of linked stratum occurrences, defines the strata used by a plot observer.   STRATUMMETHOD_IDID  reference_IDReference  stratumMethodNameStratum Method Name  stratumMethodDescriptionStratum Method Description  stratumAssignmentStratum Assignment  accessionCodeAccession Code  
stratumType Stratum Type This table stores collective information about strata defined within a plot observation. This table is used to record non-species-specific information about a stratum. Examples include total cover of the stratum and maximum height of the stratum. STRATUMTYPE_IDID  STRATUMMETHOD_IDStratum Method  stratumIndexStratum Index  stratumNameStratum Name  stratumDescriptionStratum Description  
taxonImportance Taxon Importance This table stores information about the importance (i.e. cover, basal area, biomass) of each taxon observed on a plot. Records may be limited to one stratum or apply to all strata.   taxonImportance_IDTaxon Importance ID  taxonObservation_IDTaxon  stratum_IDStratum  coverCover  basalAreaBasal Area  biomassBiomass  inferenceAreaInference Area  
taxonInterpretation Taxon Interpretation This table allows all users, including the author and/or subsequent interpreters, to attach taxon names and authorities to a specific taxon observation   TAXONINTERPRETATION_IDID  TAXONOBSERVATION_IDTaxon Observation  stemLocation_IDStem Location  PLANTCONCEPT_IDPlant Concept  interpretationDateInterpretation Date  PLANTNAME_IDPlant Name  PARTY_IDParty  ROLE_IDRole  interpretationTypeInterpretation Type  reference_IDReference  originalInterpretationOriginal Interpretation  currentInterpretationCurrent Interpretation  taxonFitTaxon Fit  taxonConfidenceTaxon Confidence  collector_IDCollector  collectionNumberCollection Number  collectionDateCollection Date  museum_IDMuseum  museumAccessionNumberMuseum Accession Number  groupTypeGroup Type  notesNotes  notesPublicNotes Public  notesMgtNotes Mgt  revisionsRevisions  accessionCodeAccession Code  
note Note This table is where notations associated with table records are stored All notes associated with plots and plot observations are stored in this table. These notes can be linked to any table, record and attribute via the noteLink table. NOTE_IDID  NOTELINK_IDNote Link  PARTY_IDParty  ROLE_IDRole  noteDateNote Date  noteTypeNote Type  noteTextNote Text  accessionCodeAccession Code  
noteLink Note Link This table links a note made by a database user or manager to a specific table, record and attribute in the database. This table was developed with the goal of keeping all the notes associated with the plots in a single table rather than distributed in many tables across the database. NOTELINK_IDID  tableNameTable Name  attributeNameAttribute Name  tableRecordTable Record  
observation Observation This table stores plot observation results that might vary between official observation events. Observation is a child of plot in recognition of the fact that a plot may be re-sampled and that some of the environmental conditions may change between resampling events. OBSERVATION_IDOBSERVATION ID  PREVIOUSOBS_IDPrevious Observation  PLOT_IDPlot  PROJECT_IDProject  authorObsCodeAuthor Observation Code  obsStartDateObservation Start Date  obsEndDateObservation End Date  dateAccuracyDate Accuracy  dateEnteredDate Entered into VegBank  COVERMETHOD_IDCover Method  coverDispersionCover Dispersion  autoTaxonCoverOverall Taxon Cover Values are Automatically Calculated?  STRATUMMETHOD_IDStratum Method  methodNarrativeMethod Narrative  taxonObservationAreaTaxon Observation Area  stemSizeLimitStem Size Limit  stemObservationAreaStem Observation Area  stemSampleMethodStem Sample Method  originalDataOriginal Data Location  effortLevelEffort Level  plotValidationLevelPlot Validation Level  floristicQualityFloristic Quality  bryophyteQualityBryophyte Quality  lichenQualityLichen Quality  observationNarrativeObservation Narrative  landscapeNarrativeLandscape Narrative  homogeneityHomogeneity  phenologicAspectPhenologic Aspect  representativenessRepresentativeness  standMaturityStand Maturity  successionalStatusSuccessional Status  numberOfTaxaNumber of Taxa  basalAreaBasal Area  hydrologicRegimeHydrologic Regime  soilMoistureRegimeSoil Moisture Regime  soilDrainageSoil Drainage  waterSalinityWater Salinity  waterDepthWater Depth  shoreDistanceShore Distance  soilDepthSoil Depth  organicDepthOrganic Depth  SOILTAXON_IDSoil Taxon  soilTaxonSrcSoil Taxon Source  percentBedRockPercent Bedrock  percentRockGravelPercent Rock / Gravel  percentWoodPercent Wood  percentLitterPercent Litter  percentBareSoilPercent Bare Soil  percentWaterPercent Water  percentOtherPercent Other  nameOtherName Other  treeHtTree Height  shrubHtShrub Height  fieldHtField Height  nonvascularHtNonvascular Height  submergedHtSubmerged Height  treeCoverTree Cover  shrubCoverShrub Cover  fieldCoverField Cover  nonvascularCoverNonvascular Cover  floatingCoverFloating Cover  submergedCoverSubmerged Cover  dominantStratumDominant Stratum  growthform1TypeGrowthform1 Type  growthform2TypeGrowthform2 Type  growthform3TypeGrowthform3 Type  growthform1CoverGrowthform1 Cover  growthform2CoverGrowthform2 Cover  growthform3CoverGrowthform3 Cover  totalCoverTotal Cover  accessionCodeObservation Accession Code  notesPublicNotes Public  notesMgtNotes Mgt  revisionsRevisions  
observationContributor Observation Contributor This table stores information about which parties contributed to specific plot observation events. This table serves as an intersection that links a party with a specific plot observation event. Note that there is no plotContributor table because all contributions take place at a particular observation, such as the first observation. OBSERVATIONCONTRIBUTOR_IDID  OBSERVATION_IDObservation  PARTY_IDParty  ROLE_IDRole  contributionDateContribution Date  
observationSynonym Observation Synonym This table stores opinions as to whether one observation record is a synonym of another owing to double entry into the database.   OBSERVATIONSYNONYM_IDID  synonymObservation_IDSynonym Observation  primaryObservation_IDPrimary Observation  PARTY_IDParty  ROLE_IDRole  classStartDateStart Date  classStopDateStop Date  synonymCommentSynonym Comment  accessionCodeAccession Code  

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records 11 through 20 of 55