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VegBranch Loading Tables Overview -- Plot Normalized (C2)

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Summary: This table contains normalized information about plot data, specifically: contributors, stratum definitions, and place names.
Description: This table should be used if denormalizations in the Plot Data table are too limiting. VegBranch will normally create this table from the data in Plot Data, but this table can be loaded to directly, as well. There are three different groups of data in this table. It does not matter if they occur on the same record or on different records Fields within the same group do reference each other. The groups are:
(contrib, role); (placeName, placeSystem); (stratumIndex, stratumBase, stratumHeight, stratumCover)
Required in VegBranch: Not required. If you have more than 9 strata per plot, or 5 contributors per plot, or more than the standard placenames, you will have to use this table.
Represents VegBank Tables: stratum, place, observationContributor
VegBranch can generate for you: VegBranch can generate this table from your Plot Data table. You can add to this table afterwards, as well.
Questions: Do you have more than 5 observation contributors, 5 place names, or 9 strata, per plot?
Do you have place names of different systems that allowed for in Plot Data?
Expertise Level: advanced

Fields (Columns) in this table:

» Required fields; you should always fill in values for these:
  Text (100)
Author's Plot number/code, or the original plot number if taken from literature. This "points" to the right plot in the Plot Data Loading Table.
» Commonly used fields:
  Text (255)
contributor name for a contributor to this plot.
  Text (50)
contributor role for this record
  Text (255)
A named place for this plot. For US quadrangles or counties, it is recommended that you add the full state name after the name in {squiggley brackets}. This helps VegBranch know which of many quadrangles the county or quadrangle may refer to. For example: Reid {North Carolina}
  Text (80)
the geographical naming system where the place name should be found
  Text (10)
This field defines the name of the stratum, as will be referenced in other loading tables (Strata Cover). Each stratum on a plot should have its own unique stratum code, and should be part of the stratum method used (as selected in the metadata form).
the base of the stratum, in meters
the height of the stratum, in meters
» Sometimes used fields:
the total cover of all vegetation in this stratum, in percent.
» Internal VegBranch fields, please do not edit directly:
Database generated ID that uniquely identifies each row in this table.


Examples of this data table:

simple example with Places, Strata Definitions, and Contributors:

plt1Lee, MichaelPI      
plt1  KansasStateProvince    
plt1  United StatesCountry    
plt1    tree322 
plt1    herb0312
plt2Lee Anne Jacobsplot author      
plt2  North CarolinaStateProvince    
plt2  United StatesCountry    
plt2    tree22035.5
plt2    herb0223
plt2  ReidQuadrangle    
plt3  British ColumbiaStateProvince    
plt3  CanadaCountry    
plt3    tree115 
plt3    herb01 

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