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VegBranch Loading Tables Overview -- User Defined Metadata (J)

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Summary: Data about what your user defined fields whose values are in the other loading tables.
Description: You must define any User Defined fields with this table. Please describe your data as well as possible, so that others may use this data. Linked to a definedValue by loading table letter [Utbl]: C for Plot Data, D for Presence Data, E for Stem Data, F for Soil Data; and number in that table [Ufld] (1-25 or 35).
Required in VegBranch: Not required unless you have user defined data in one or more of the following: Plot Data, Cover Data, Stem Data, Soil Data.
Represents VegBank Tables: userDefined
VegBranch can generate for you: no
Questions: Were user defined variables used in other loading tables?
What do these variables mean?
Expertise Level: expert

Fields (Columns) in this table:

» Required fields; you should always fill in values for these:
  text (2)
Identifies which Loading table the user-defined data is stored in. C = plot Data, D=Presence Data, E=Stem Data, F=Soil Data
  Long Integer
Identifies the field in which user defined data is stored in a Loading table, 1-35.
  text (30)
Name of the user-defined variable.
  text (20)
Database data type of the user-defined variable. For example: integer, text, decimal.
  text (64)
Name of table with which this user-defined variable is associated. For example soilBHorizonColor may be defined by the data contributor as associated with the observation table.
» Commonly used fields:
Metadata about this user-defined variable.
  text (30)
Category of variable; included to facilitate queries for specific types of data.
» Internal VegBranch fields, please do not edit directly:
Database generated identifier assigned to each unique user-defined metadata field.
  Long Integer
The UserDefined_ID of this User-Defined Field that has been migrated into VegBank module.
  Text (100)
VegBank accession Code of the User Defined record in vegbank which matches this record. Parallels VB_ID value.


Examples of this data table:

advanced example that defines User Defined Data contained in Advanced Soil Data Example:

F1Mg_ppmMagnesium parts per million as analyzed in Brookmont Labs in Minneaplis, MNSoil, chemical attributesDoublesoilObs
F2K_ppmPotassium parts per million as analyzed in Brookmont Labs in Minneaplis, MNSoil, chemical attributesDoublesoilObs

Download this example as a .csv file